This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Using Aeolus Effectively

This page is a launching point for all our user level documentation.

Getting Started Guide

Gets you up and running quickly with Aeolus.

This guide walks you through setting a fresh Aeolus installation, configuring the Mock cloud provider (and, optionally Amazon EC2), then performing basic instance management.

Aeolus 0.10.0 (our latest stable release)

Aeolus 0.10.0 was released in June 2012.

  1. Basic glossary
  2. Configuring Aeolus
  3. First login
  4. Configure your Cloud Providers
  5. Configure the Aeolus Command Line Interface tool
  6. Create a Fedora 16 Template
  7. Start an Instance of the Image
  8. Stop a running Instance
  9. Cleaning up

Other documentation