This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Contribute to Aeolus

There are several ways you can contribute to the Aeolus project:

You can also help in other ways. If you would like to discuss anything, just get in touch via #aeolus IRC channel or aeolus-comm-mgmt mailing list.

Report issues

If you find a bug in Aeolus or if you think Aeolus is missing an important feature, let us know. Please try to report issues against the appropriate issue tracker – each Aeolus subproject has its own:

Help newcomers

If you already have some knowledge of Aeolus, you can help newcomers get started by answering their questions on #aeolus IRC channel and aeolus-users mailing list.


You can help us build Aeolus itself. It’s best to first come to #aeolus IRC channel or aeolus-devel mailing list and discuss your plans with the rest of the community, so that your contribution gets integrated smoothly.

Here’s a bunch of helpful links:

Please take a look at issue lists for particular Aeolus subprojects to get inspiration on what could use some improvement.


Currently we package for Fedora and CentOS. If you want to package Aeolus for some other distro, please let us know via #aeolus IRC channel or aeolus-comm-mgmt mailing list.