This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Aeolus Conductor

Aeolus Conductor provides a web-based user interface for managing your Cloud instances.

WARNING: The current installation process deletes any existing data in your PostgreSQL database.

Either ensure that your data is backed up and restorable, or consider installing Aeolus Conductor on a box that does not need PostgreSQL for any other purpose.

NOTE: The current installation works on 64-bit Linux only. 32-bit support is planned, but does not work at this time.

Installation Steps

  1. Set up an Aeolus repository, following the instructions on the Get It page.

  2. Install the Conductor:

    $ sudo yum install aeolus-conductor-daemons

Aeolus Conductor Configuration

  1. Open ports 80 and 443 on the firewall, so that (secure) web traffic may be served.

  2. Ensure that the time is set correctly. Failure to do so causes connectivity issues with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2).

  3. Clean up any existing remnants from an older installation.

    WARNING: This will destroy any existing data in the PostgreSQL database.

    $ sudo /usr/sbin/aeolus-cleanup
  4. Configure Aeolus Conductor:

    $ sudo /usr/sbin/aeolus-configure -p mock

Verify Installation

Browse to http://<machine_name>/conductor.

The login page for Aeolus Conductor should appear. A default administrative account has been created with a username “admin” and a password “password” (no quotes).