This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Submitting pull requests

Pull requests to improve Aeolus are very welcome, and encouraged. The majority of our projects accept pull requests on GitHub. Deltacloud does not use GitHub and has its own contribution guide.

Preparing pull requests

Please follow a few basic principles in your pull requests:

  • DO include a short summary in your commits as a description, followed by all information that would be useful to a reviewer and/or someone looking back at git history to see what you did.

    For example:

    Fix adding account to pool functionality
    We had an issue with blah where we were checking foo instead of
    bar, this resulted in xyz, and required that we abc to get it
    correct again.
  • DON’T put all that above info on the first line of the commit message. It makes things like "git log --oneline" unreadable.

  • DO provide a summary for your pull request, if you think its purpose might be unclear to others. Also comment on any over-arching details that may be missed by reading just the individual commit messages.

Where to submit pull requests

Here are the individual project locations:

For Deltacloud, look at Deltacloud contribution guide.

The Review process

We use a Submit ⇒ ACK ⇒ Merge approach for all pull requests.

When a pull request is submitted, someone familiar with that area of the Aeolus code manually reviews it.

When they’ve finished their review, appropriate feedback is posted to the pull request on GitHub for potential discussion, including either an ACK indicating approval, or NACK indicating it was rejected.

If the pull request was approved, someone with write access to the appropriate git repository will then merge it.

This approach works well for us, letting us benefit from each others knowledge and strengths. Plus it’s a good way for people of all skill levels to hone their technique (or teach others).