This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.


Aeolus is an umbrella project consisting of several components. Each may be used individually or all may be used together.

Main Components:

Core components providing cross and hybrid cloud functionality

  • Deltacloud

    dc_logo Deltacloud provides a RESTful Stateless API which clients written in any language can use to issue calls to cloud providers. The end user specifies the cloud provider and the credentials to use in the REST API headers. Deltacloud, which implements the Distributed Management Task Force’s CIMI standard, proxies abstract calls to resources and collections to the backend cloud provider.

  • Oz

    Oz is a tool for automatically installing operating systems into files with only minimal up-front input from the user.

Oz can be used to bootstrap instances running Fedora, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Windows, and more directly on the cloud.

  • ImageFactory

    Imagefactory provides a simple command and RESTful interface abstracting the cloud management commands to build images, allowing the end user to deploy the same image to any cloud provider.

Behind the scenes, imagefactory uses Oz to build the bootstrap the environments to base the images off of on the cloud.

  • Conductor

    conductor_screenshot The Conductor UI unifies the various Aeolus components, providing a rich / high-level interactive user experience to deploy instances and configurations across clouds.

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Incubation Components:

Components in development which serve various roles for users and administrators

  • Tim Rails Engine

    Tim is a Rails Engine responsible for Cloud image management. It allows clients to create, delete and upload images to a multitude of Cloud providers. Tim builds on top of Imagefactory’s cloud abstraction layer.

Adding the ability for clients to store meta-data (used for searching and sorting) as well as versioning and support for access control. Tim wraps all this up in a clean, simply RESTful API.

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  • Template Repository

    A community maintained repository of templates verified to work with the Aeolus suite of utilities to build images and deploy various stacks of components to the cloud.

  • Heat

    heat_logo Heat is a forthcoming OpenStack project that provides a programmable interface to orchestrate multiple cloud applications implementing well known standards such as CloudFormation and TOSCA.

  • Audrey

    Audrey facilitates cross-cloud configurations and provides post-boot configuration tools.

  • Snap

    Snap is an in-instance cloud configuration utility which allows the end user to take a snapshot of an instance running on the cloud, able to be restored on an instance running on another cloud provider.

Currently snap supports rpm based, deb based, and windows based environments. See the following guide on migrating instances across clouds.

  • Winged Monkey

    wm_logo Winged Monkey is an application that provides an elegant and intuitive user interface for self-service consumers of cloud resources. It offers simplified interactions for non-administrative users, and allows users working with multiple cloud providers to enjoy a common user experience.

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Ancillary Projects:

Projects and resources to help users, developers, and the community.

See the complete end-to-end instructions for more info.

  • DevTools

    Helper scripts and tools used to setup a complete Aeolus development environment from scratch.

  • Aeolus Cli

    A command line interface to Conductor.

  • Aeolus-GUI

    A graphic interface (qt based) to Conductor.