This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Winged Monkey 0.1.0

Project Winged Monkey
Release 0.1.0
Release Date February 4th, 2013
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Project Overview

Winged Monkey is an application that provides an elegant and intuitive user interface for self-service consumers of cloud resources. It offers simplified interactions for non-administrative users, and allows users working with multiple cloud providers to enjoy a common user experience.


This is the first release of Winged Monkey. It supports the viewing, launching, and terminating of OpenStack servers. Future releases will support additional providers, each of which will utilize the same Winged Monkey user experience as OpenStack.

Introduction to Winged Monkey

During the Aeolus Developer Conference, Angus Thomas gave an introductory talk about Winged Monkey. View the presentation or watch the screencast:

If you’re interested in our technical design, take a look at our design documentation.

OpenStack Support

The first release of Winged Monkey includes support for OpenStack. Here are some links that explain the configuration and integration work needed, as well as a usage guide:

Additional Resources

For additional information:

Future Plans

Interested in our future plans? Take a look at our 0.2.0 release milestones, or watch our planning session video below!