This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Requirements for using Aeolus

To use Aeolus effectively, the server you install it on must meet these requirements:

Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (or higher) 64-bit, CentOS 6.2 (or higher) 64-bit, or Fedora 16+ 64-bit.
CPU: 1.6Ghz dual core or higher recommended.
CPU VT extensions: Not required for creating Amazon EC2 virtual machine images, or importing existing images.

VT extensions are required for creating new vSphere and RHEV virtual machine images.
Memory: 2GB or greater.
Firewall: Must allow web browser connections on tcp port 443 (https).
Disk space: Less than 1 GB required for the Aeolus software,
+ sufficient space to hold virtual machine images (may be on network storage such as SAN, NAS, or NFS).

Cloud provider accounts

You also need an account with each Cloud provider you want Aeolus to manage, such as Amazon EC2, and/or Rackspace.

Creation of these accounts is something you must do outside of Aeolus, using the standard sign up procedures for each Cloud provider.

Note: These accounts are completely optional, you do not need to create an account with any Cloud provider you don’t want Aeolus managing.

That being said, our Getting Started Guide is written around having an Amazon EC2 account already, so you will need one if you’re going to follow that.

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