This project is no longer maintained. It is available for archival purposes only.

Contact Us

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC is the primary real-time communication mechanism between developers

Join us on #aeolus on

Mailing lists

Communication between Aeolus developers takes place on: aeolus-devel (archives)

If you have general user questions, and do no want to subscribe to developer discussions and such, feel free to send them here and they will be promptly addressed: aeolus-users (archive)

Release announcements are sent to: aeolus-announce (archives)


Need to report a security bug?

Please send an email to Use our GPG public key to keep your message safe and give us a secure way to respond. We will try to respond within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from us, please ping us on Twitter.

Need to talk to a human?

Feel free to contact Matt Wagner (irc: matty_dubs / email: matt.wagner AT redhat DOT com) or Justin Clift (irc: jclift / email: jclift AT redhat DOT com) anytime.